4G LTE modem (M.2 key B) for Jetson TX1

Hi All,

Do you have any experience with 4G LTE modem M.2 key B working with Jetson TX1?
For example:

  • Sierra Wireless EM Series 4G LTE modem M.2 key B
  • Huawei ME906 LTE M.2
  • or else M.2
    If so, please send any comments.


Hi MrZet,

There was no 4G LTE modem M.2 device tested from our side, but we have validated Intel Wi-Fi card on M.2 PCIE port on TX1 and it works, hence I thought other M.2 devices should also work if their linux-firmware and driver packages have been installed well.

Please keep in mind that even with the linux-firmware and driver packages installed, you will probably also need the user apps to make them work with.


Hi MrZet,

We don’t have M.2 key B port on dev board, thus we can’t do further validation.

You may need to such kind adapter(see http://www.bplustech.com/PDF/M2E_brief.pdf)
But I don’t find the exact one for Key.E to Key.B.

Another approach is to fly the wires. It should be workable for SDIO I/F of LTE module.


Hi MrZet,

After some research I have determined that the choice of M.2 Key B was a poor choice for the development board. Unfortunately there are several incompatible M.2 standards:



The DEV board contains an “A/E” key. This is only supported by a few WiFi Cards, which are of very little value. The LTE cards with M.2 use “B-key”. Besides the difference in key location and board clearance, the “B-Key” supports USB-2/3 and audio. The A/E key M.2 does not support USB3 or Audio. The newest LTE M.2 cards all have a “B-Key” and according to manufacture documentation, use the USB3 connection (support more than 300Mbps). Therefore the problem is more than wire - the “A/E” M.2 slot type does not have the required signals.

It is too bad the DEV board was built with the “A/E” slot since it have very little application - The two slot types that are actually fully supported with third-parties cards are the “B-Key”, for LTE and the “M” or “B/M”, which support SSD cards. The best slot would be a “B-Key” with enough mechanical clearance for “M”. That supports most SSD and LTE cards.


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Hi Jeffery,
As you can read in my first post - in my design of Jetson TX1/TX2 Carrier board I am using the M.2 key B modem (i.e. Sierra Wireless EM Series 4G LTE modem),
so from my perspective that decision was perfect - because modem works properly.


Has anyone been successful at integrating a Sierra Wireless EM Series 4G/LTE Modem on the TX2 via a M.2 key B connector ?


Don’t know about the particular device, but the M.2 slot on the dev carrier board is key E, so key B wouldn’t work on that slot even if drivers are correct.

There are carrier boards with M.2 B slots. The developer kit has an E slot, but I am not trying to integrate the Sierra Modem on the developer kit.

HI all,
Can we connect 4G LTE modem USB Dongle to Jetson TX2 ? Will it work, has anybody tried that?

I have not tried, but in theory, if this has a driver and if firmware is available (assuming it is required), then USB should not be an issue. As to specifics you may need to put that question out with specific models you’ve seen listed as being used with Linux.

I can verify that a Verizon 4G LTE Global Modem USB730L does work on a TX1/2. It does not NAT though, the IP is external that comes up on ethx. I need to check my notes to recall if I had to rebuild the kernel with cdc_xxx support for it though.

@dgoetz: Thank you for sharing.

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