4g lte usb

I will use huawei e8372 LTE USB into my Xavier NX but I don’t know how to do, and is it supported by NVIDIA? In the list you put , It doesn’t show any supported LTE module. I guess firmware is essential to use LTE with jetson Xavier NX.
Is there any suggestion for proper LTE in the purpose of ground data flow from onboard Xavier NX?
And could you explain do I need to add any driver in computer, or any software package or something ?
Thanks for helping! Have a nice day :)

Ok, I 'll check it, thanks a lot !

This link so spesific for one brand. I will buy Huawei.

Good to know you got the workable one.

+1 I haven’t tried the Huawei E8372 but I’d love to find a verified working 4G LTE USB.


I successfully use a Huawei E3276s without any specific driver. Just plug and play, recognized as an Ethernet connection !


I will check with the one that I will buy, these are different. I hope mine will work as yours without any fault.

This is not the right one, I am still waiting anoyone who have a solution to this topic. If it was a solution I will mark , please do not change the option to ‘solution’

=> Plug and play, tested.

You’re welcome…

This is not the one that I will buy.