4K 60fps MPV video playback relatively high power consumption for -vo=gpu (OpenGL)

I wonder if NVIDIA engineers could maybe take a look as to why NVIDIA GPUs (Pascal in my case) require so much energy to render 4K 60fps video in mpv.

The corresponding issue is discussed here.


Option          "RegistryDwords" "PowerMizerEnable=0x1; PerfLevelSrc=0x2222; PowerMizerLevel=0x3; PowerMizerDefault=0x3; PowerMizerDefaultAC=0x3"

specified in my Xorg.conf my GTX 1060 GPU skips on average up to 20 frames per second.

Once this option is removed everything works just fine but power consumption goes to 30W which looks like a lot.

Decoding is done solely by the CPU, so the GPU only renders frames.

-vo=vdpau works beautifully but it has major color rendering issues.