4K and 1080p Live Streaming/Recording

I’m a semi professional cinematographer/videographer and i recently purchased a new PC build. My problems? First, here’s my system specs: Intel i7 8700., GPU MSI GeForce GTX 1080Ti., 16GB RAM 2666MHz., Thermaltake 750 Watt Power Supply., 1.0 TB Sata 6mbs 64mb Cache. I’m using a Blackmagic Design Decklink Mini Recorder 4K and my input is via Hdmi for my cams. I know this is not a “gaming forum” and I’m not into gaming. My encoders are OBS., VMIx and Wirecast. My recordings suffer from a “stuttering - staggering” effect i.e., seems to be bottlenecking with latency issues. Can someone please offer some suggestions?
Sincerely appreciated. Wayne

We recommend that you post this in the forums for the respective applications. This forum is for developer issues related to Video technologies and SDKs distributed by NVIDIA.