4K camera modules available yet to interface with Jetson TK1?

I saw previously that companies such as Omnivision have created (or press-released) sensors that can record ultra HD or true 4k video across MIPI CSI.

Previous ARM boards didn’t have enough MIPI lanes for this, or were too slow, etc.
Whereas the TK1 is definitely suitable to test with such a module.

Anyone know if these modules (or similar) are actually available yet or plan to test one?
http://www.altasens.com/index.php/products-49491/2014products-2/2014products-4 (this one may not be TK1 compatible, but still it is interesting)

Cameras could be a good way to test mobile CUDA capabilities with image processing, recognition, etc.
I expect many research projects could be done on the Jetson TK1 once an easy-to-use camera (with decent quality) is available for the TK1. For example, Google glass type apps could gain a lot of neat features with an upgrade from a 3 year old OMAP to the CUDA enabled tegra.