4K camera options for nano?

tl;dr - Looking for quality (~4k, ~30fps, low-light) camera options to use for capturing video on the Jetson Nano. Suggestions or references to other threads or write ups appreciated!

I’ve tested the cameras below - they boast sufficient resolution - but after extensive experimenting the resulting images aren’t up to the effective resolution we need to print photos (8x10, 300dpi) with decent clarity.

Consumer-grade camera (Sony mirrorless, GoPro, etc) quality would be awesome - but I need a camera with a board form factor, USB3.0 (or MIPI) streaming capabilities, and manual controls.

Budget is $300 for camera and optics.

Board cameras previously tested:

Whether the effective resolution issue with these cameras is optical quality or just using too small of sensors, I’m not sure. Researching M12 mount lens options hints that it may be an optics issue considering nearly every M12 mount lens I find are intended for <= 3MP CCTV/Security cameras. I’m not able to find many M12 lenses intended for pixel sizes 1.12um.

Any recommendations are really appreciated. Thanks!

These look like they could be relevant - However, i’m not sure it’s compatible with the Nano.

You may check products from our partners:

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We can offer the IMX377 for jetson tx1, tx2, nano, etc. with a 125º HFOV fixed focus lens. Maximum resolution 12MP / 4000x3000 pixels. this camera module + carrier board is $299.

feel free to contact us at x@mosaic51.com - thanks.