4k HDMI to CSI Converter

Hello for everyone,

I’m looking for a solution for my project. I pretend to use the AGX Xavier EVK but I would need to add an 4k HDMI input interface. One of solution that I found would be a 4k HDMI to CSI Converter, to be more specific, I found the P/N: TC358840 by Toshiba, but I would like to know if this interface would be supported by AGX Xavier OS.

Hardware Platform: [DRIVE AGX Xavier™ ]
Host Machine Version: [native Ubuntu 18.04]

Hi @vinicius.lovi,

DRIVE Software doesn’t support HDMI in. https://developer.nvidia.com/drive/ecosystem-hw-sw includes the information of the current supported components on DRIVE platforms. FYI.

Could you elaborate what you are trying to achieve? Why do you need to HDMI in support?

Hi @VickNV,

So, I need to capture a 4k video through a HDMI input interface, inconde it using H265 enconder and stream it for an other device. At this moment, the AGX Xavier is our best choice of CPU+GPU hardware but I need a HDMI input interface.

We are reaseaching about HDMI-CSI converters and PCIe screen capture hardwares.

If you have another suggestion, please feel comfortable to share with me.

You are working on “Jetson” AGX Xavier instead of “DRIVE” AGX Xavier, right? If yes, please create your topic in https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/c/agx-autonomous-machines/jetson-embedded-systems/jetson-agx-xavier/75. Thanks!