4k video support

The TX2 is advertised as being capable of 4k video. But so is the GTX 1050 Ti,and it is a DOG at 4k, with framerates of 9-11 on the Unigine models. Is the TX2 any better? If one were to try to watch recorded 4k video movies on the TX2, will we get tearing, stuttering, and audio out-of-sync as happens occasionally on the 1050 Ti?
The answer will let me know whether to buy a 4k monitor for it or not.

Generally speaking the 1050Ti would have far more CUDA cores…the TX2 GPU is the same architecture, but it is designed for low power consumption at a given performance level, not for raw performance. If you are just speaking of general use, then most of the time the 1050Ti exceeds a TX2. There are exceptions though…

There are some format-specific hardware acceleration units in the TX2 for certain video tasks (e.g., some image/video formats or compression, but not all), and if the video and software being used are of a format which can take advantage of that hardware acceleration then it is reasonable to expect the TX2 to run smoothly at full frame rate on 4k and not tear or stutter…if there is anything missing or incompatible in the chain of requirements to use specialty parts of the TX2 hardware, then the 1050Ti would always outperform the TX2. So “it just depends on circumstances”. If you simply want 4k in all cases to always work well, then you probably can’t use the TX2…if you know specifics and have verified the chain of requirements for hardware acceleration, then the TX2 will probably save the day.

For purely CUDA operations (not standard video) the 1050Ti has far more CUDA cores and would likely be much faster than a TX2 (but a 1050Ti would also cost a lot more electrical power).

The TX2 is not a high end GPU. However, it has dedicated hardware acceleration for video encoding/decoding up to 4k resolution, so the video processing should be smooth.

You should compare the TX2 to a Nintendo Switch, not to a desktop gaming system. (The Switch uses a module similar to the Jetson TX1 as far as I know.) The Switch runs at 720p.

This thread is about whether to dedicate a 4k monitor to the TX2, not about the comparative strengths of each unit, The TX2 is a tool for drones/robots to perform in real-time using what the desktops have been trained on. If it just so happens that the TX2 outperforms the 1050 Ti at massaging the 4K video already taken by the drone, then that is great and would be worth getting the 4k monitor just for that.
Aside: the 1050 Ti is a stop-gap device, and will become 2nd tier as soon as the 1080 Ti versus Vega shootout gives solid performance numbers.