4x K520 on AWS, need multi monitor support

How can I enable monitors on all four of the K520 cards? I need 3840 x 2400. It only shows 1 monitor connected which maxes out at 2560x1600.

I believe the GRID K520 is rated at 2560 x 1600 resolution. It’s an old model now. In order to push 4K, you’ll need a different Card.

The GRID K2 supports 4K in Passthrough if you are looking for one that can support multiple users.

If you could give us more information, we may be able to suggest additional options.



To be clear, I have four GRID K520 in my system therefore I should get four times 2560x1600 yet, it will only recognize one monitor on the first card. All I need is it it to recognize one monitor per card and I will be golden.