5.2 comments and feature request


Testing pgf90 v 5.2 I encountered the following problems:

  1. cpu_time intrinsic gives unreliable output on SuSE Linux 9.1 (32-bit)

  2. OpenMP support is incomplete:

a) there is no omp_lib and omp_lib_kinds modules
(however it can be solved using example interfaces included in OpenMP standard).

b) there is no omp_get_wtime intrinsic function


Hi Jamie,

  1. What do you mean by “unreliable”? Are the times you’re getting inconsitant or are you not getting a fine enough granularity? Try using “REAL*8” for your start and stop times to increase granularity.

  2. Both of these are part of OpenMP 2.0, which we do not yet support. We do plan on adding support for the 2.5 specification once it has been finalized.