502 Bad Gateway

I’ve been trying to download cuDNN, but whenever I try to access any developer.nvidia.com webpage I get a 502 Bad Gateway error. I’ve tried on multiple browsers, devices, and networks but nothing seems to work. When using a new browser, the pages will load once, but if I refresh or return to a page, I am met with the bad gateway error. This makes it difficult (or impossible?) to avoid since I need to log in to download cuDNN, and after logging in I am returned to the page I was previously on, thus causing the error. Is this an issue on my end or are other people also experiencing this?

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I also can’t access the site right now.

Hi @roarco @jarrettblair Thanks for reaching out! The team is working on this issue, and we hope to have the site back online ASAP.



The issue with our hosting provider has been resolved.
Thanks for your patience.