510.47.03 Changing workspace causes game to go invisible/black on vulkan. Opengl seems uneffected

EDIT: Steps I have done to verify if it is the current driver: I installed the nvidia-470xx-dkms package from the aur to check if the issue would go away on an older driver version. The issue completely disappeared. I was able to switch workspaces and back without the game breaking or going invisible/blackscreen. After I reinstalled the newest nvidia driver version 510.47.03 and the issues were back again.

Hi since the update to the most recent driver I can no longer change work spaces on a single screen. With dual monitors it is fine for the most part. However, with 1 monitor for gsync if I switch out of the workspace it is impossible to bring back the original game.

Before Changing:

After Changing back:


I have the same issue. I’m using xmonad. When I change back to a workspace with a full screen game the window is invisible.

However it doesn’t happen every time.

Can confirm, I have the same issue with games using wine and DXVK

I made a few posts on reddit as well. There are quite a few others confirming the same issue!

I’ve tried on both arch and fedora, the issue still persists.

According to the patch notes, this driver version

“Optimized the Vulkan fullscreen presentation path for X11 and direct-to-display swapchains.”

Wondering if this has something to do with it? Also having issues with DXVK + 510 driver + fullscreen X11, using i3 or bspwm. Previous versions had no issues.

I have the same with Fedora’s i3 spin.
I experience this with Dota 2, disabling in-game vsync fixes it for me.

I have seen that it is usually asked to upload a log done with nvidia-bug-report.sh.

My steps to reproduce the bug:

  • Open Dota 2 (Vulkan API) in a new workspace.
  • Try to change workspace → system changes workspace and hangs for a little (5-10 secs).
  • Try to return to Dota’s workspace: no screen, only the cursor is visible.
  • The game is hanging, to close it you have to kill it: from terminal (multiple processes to kill) or from Steam’s Library clicking multiple times “cancel”.

PS: As I have said before it does this only with VSync enabled, with VSync disabled everything works as it should, the game doesn’t go invisibile and there are no hangs.

EDIT: Since it seems fixed in the next driver version I remove the log since it contains some personal information.

Seems fixed with new driver 510.54!


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