525.60.11 Causes DisplayPort audio to cut out when there is any graphical change

I’m running a dual monitor setup with gnome on Fedora 37. I recently updated my nvidia driver to 525.60.11 via the akmod-nvidia package provided by rpmfusion-nonfree. This immediately caused an issue where any graphical change on the monitor through which audio was being routed via displayport caused audio to stutter or stop completely. Graphical change on the other monitor did not cause any such issue. I solved this issue by downgrading back to 520.56.06.

I’ve attached an nvidia-bug-report describing the state of my system with 520.56.06 installed. Please let me know if I should include any more information.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (283.7 KB)

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Around the same time, I’ve started to have the; same issue, same distro, similar screen configuration (dual 4k over displayport) and same bug.

Nothing else changed on the system, except for the driver.

Okay, I might have some extra information.

When using X11, it seems fine (though the screen configuration get’s mixed up (differrent screen ID as the audio device???) But the audio stutters/drops are gone.

While on Wayland, it only does this stuttery behavior on my secondary (right) screen.

edit: I need to elaborate on this; The stuttery behaviour is only on my secondary screen IF I drag the app, that produces the audio, to the second screen. Like my browser for instance.

This behavior seemed to go away for a while, even after upgrading to a more recent version of nvidia’s driver. But it’s now come back. I switched from Wayland to X11 and the stuttering is gone.