525.60.11 most awesome driver ever

Dear dev team,

I wanted to congratulate you on that awesome driver version, it runs really great. I now got the full 150 W capacity on my laptops RTX 3070 Ti but most of all, it runs efficient now with the Ryzen 6900HX. I play an old OpenGL kinda online chat and often the GPU ran quite high, tho the game graphics dont require it at all. But now I am on an easy 60 °C for cpu and gpu on stable and low frequencies thanks to the powerd daemon. On the other hand in AAA games I got another 5-10 fps out of it in 2k.

One thing I found tho, I am on a Tuxedo Computer with a multiplexer and so far the on-demand gpu switch worked perfectly for me. Even when modelling in blender, the nvidia gpu always stayed deactivated until I needed more power. Since the powerd daemon tho, D3cold suspend isnt achieved anymore. After a cold restart, it suspends once and then always stays on D0, never deactivates no more. When I disable the powerd daemon manually via systemctl tho, switching to D3cold works as efficiently as before the new driver version. So maybe here is some finetuning still needed. On D3cold I save about 15 Watts on battery. Here is a small video of the issue: D3cold prevented by nvidia-powerd - YouTube

Besides that, awesome job, I am on that journey with you for some time now until today and with this version you achieved perfection for me on an iGPU/dGPU setup on a laptop on Linux. :)

Merry xmas and a happy new year !