535.129.03 - akmods failing to build for 6.8.X kernels (Fedora 39)

I have seen the other thread for 47XX drivers, which appear to have been fixed according to this bugzilla entry.

I have a very similar issue but with 535.129.03 drivers. I am still using this particular driver because of flickering on 545 and 550 drivers with my system.

Here are the failed logs, from my layman reading, I saw the same DRM Unlocked type errors.

535.129.03-1-for-6.8.7-200.fc39.x86_64.failed.log (688.1 KB)

rpmfusion f39 driver is currently 550.76, 535.xx isn’t supported.

Oh hello, if you are the same user as the RPMFusion maintainer, thanks for building/testing all the nvidia drivers!

I understand that 535.129.03 is no longer the latest drivers, it is however the last known rock solid driver for Wayland. No issues at all until kernels 6.8.x were released. FWIW akmods also fails to build 550 drivers on 6.8.x.

I saw this post on askFedora that details the fix that has already been released for 470xx drivers. The errors appear to be very similar to mine. I am hoping that maybe the fix is also similar.

Because akmods fails on 6.8.x, I’m still on 6.7. If the 535 drivers can be fixed to work on 6.8, it will allow me and others to keep up with the latest kernel and its improvements and fixes. Otherwise I have to wait for 555 drivers to be released which is still some weeks away.