535.54.03 Screen tearing while gaming on Wayland session

Just adding additional info. Seems the tearing happens when you cap the framerate in-game. Tested 120, 144 fps cap and both cause tearing with DXVK2.3. Disabling the framerate cap in-game removes all the tearing issues.
Super strange.

I get tearing in Apex Legends and Outward on the 535.113.01 drivers on kde plasma on a Notebook 2060 on x11 and crashes in Apex Legends on the 545 beta driver on wayland.

Is this issue happening with the newest (545) drivers as well?

it’s much worse in 545

Kekw, super glad that I then bought an 6600XT, I was actually able to update my system and ready for Fedora 39.

NVidia on xorg still works better than AMD on anything. HDR is not quite there yet so unless you need proper multi-monitor support, there is no reason to use Wayland with NVidia.

IDK what you’re talking about because literally every issue I had was fixed by switching to another GPU. HDR isn’t on Linux overall, sure, but Nvidia isn’t quite there yet with having, well, anything proper working. Even on X11 it was unplayable for me.

IDK what you’re talking about either. I’m not aware of anything AMD does better than NVidia+xorg except multi-monitor and HDR.

I get screen tearing even with 545.23.06 on Nvidia+Xorg (primarily when coupled with traditional Vsync+KDE Plasma) with a 2080 Ti; I can’t imagine that the AMD open-source drivers wouldn’t get at least that right given that so many people work on that codebase

Not to be mean, but it feels like getting anything done on this side of the GPU market, for Linux, either takes years or just never happens: I still can’t even run Wayland on Nvidia despite everyone telling me “it works,” for example

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I have zero tearing with NVidia+PLasma+Xorg+g-sync. Here is a video: [Feature] G-Sync/Freesync under Wayland Session - #46 by mithras.ftw
That said I haven’t tried not using g-sync because why would I?

That said I haven’t tried not using g-sync because why would I?

That’s fair, but my reasoning for doing so is because I actually use a TV for my display, rather than a monitor; regardless though, getting traditional Vsync right is supposed to be basic behavior

getting traditional Vsync right is supposed to be basic behavior

Exactly. Gsync enabled gaming monitors are a thing and are much cheaper now than what they were before. But not everyone is running a gaming monitor. I personally play an MMO so just 75FPS from a non-gaming monitor is completely fine for my use case (I got a 3 monitor setup for 300 euros as opposed to spending 300 euros on a singular gsync monitor). With Nvidia >525 drivers the games just tore and tore, where even it was a major issue for me.

Also as for what else didn’t work, I could not get OBS to work properly on Nvidia and Xorg as well. When I moved my mouse OBS would start stuttering. When on Wayland and enabling the show mouse option I would get 2 cursors, one which stutters (software-based) and one which doesn’t (hardware accelereated).

So the issue which I personally had:

  • Games actually don’t tear on non-gsync screens
  • OBS stutters while mouse is physically moving
  • Terminal blur had some weird issue
  • Plasma just stopped working at a few times and I had to restart it manually (not a wayland specific issue)
  • Some applications (namely Minion flatpak for ESO) had weird flickering issue unless I disabled hardware acceleration
  • I had to mess around in browser configs to make my browsers use hardware encoding on nvidia
  • Old unreal engine games like TERA did not clock up the GPU when they needed to, causing the game to run at like 15FPS even though my GPU could run it at 300+

So I’d say that there are some stuff which AMD does better, other than HDR and multi monitor support (I weirdly never had an issue with mulit monitors).

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These are all valid points but I’m not sure how universal these issues are. I haven’t experienced any of these not on 525, not on 535, not on 545. I only have issues when I try to use to Wayland. Anyway, I agree that shaming NVidia for these issues is still valid even if it only affects some % of people.

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I played game 30XX on X11 session but did not observe tear issue.
I would request you to share video highlighting the same and fresh nvidia bug report as well.

If anyone else has reliable repro steps, please help to share it along with bug reprot and repro video.
Thanks in advance.

I wasn’t able to capture it as the footage always looked smooth, but there is some horizontal tear when there is forcecomp + vsync(for 30XX on plasma 5 even the FS no-vsync option didn’t work to uncap fps, but on plasma 6 that works) - if you choose the in game fullscreen + vsync you should be able to see the tear.
Attaching bug report now.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (955.6 KB)