53x driver is slower than 47x on windows

Hi, We are troubling the speed of our windows application by difference of driver version. on 47x driver, pefrmance state is kept P2 and nice speed but, once replace driver to 53x, peformance state is aumatically drop to P3 and speed is slower than 47x.
My Understanding is that GPU Peformance is automatically difined and cannot be controlled by client but it is a problem on this time. Is there any big difference between 47x driver and 53x driver? and Is there any solution to keep peformance at least P2? We could fix clock on Linux but windows couldn’t …

Hello and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums @curry_rice.

Can you share a bit more details please?

  • What exactly is your Windows version?
  • Which GPU are you using and which exact driver version?
  • What kind of application is this?
    • Are you using any graphics API like DirectX, OpenGL or Vulkan?
    • Or is this a CUDA or DeepLearning application?

In general the P-states are power modes, which are controlled by a lot of different factors. P2 and P3 are both balanced modes, so even with the older driver your application did not fully use all available performance of your GPU. Which leads me to believe that even if you would set the GPU to P0 constantly, you might not see much higher app performance.

You should rather check GPU utilization as well as temperature of the GPU and whether it is throttling or not. nvidia-smi can be used for this. Or third party tools like MSI Afterburner.