545.29.06 - GLShowGraphicsOSD not working with games anymore

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (632.7 KB)

no longer appears in the top left corner when playing a native linux game anymore. I’ve set the application profiles and rules. Until recently I had 525.89.02 driver and GLShowGraphicsOSD was working fine. Ever since the update to 545.29.06 it stopped appearing in games.

Here’s a screenshot of application profiles:

In this case it should be detecting ETS2 (native linux game; eurotrucks2 process name) but it doesn’t, despite that the game is running. I restarted the game a few times but GLShowGraphicsOSD still didn’t appear. I also tried with deleting all possible config files, both in my home dir and in the root path for xorg.conf but GLShowGraphicsOSD still wouldn’t appear, so I’m out of ideas what else to try.

Edit: after the kernel updated to 6.6.12-LTS, the OSD appeared again.