545 drivers have bad flickering and black screen issues when VRR is enabled

Any news? ETA on drivers?

Fix will be available in upcoming driver release.

I hope the fix also address users without VRR/G-sync monitors.

I have single monitor -1200p/60hz + wayland and I’m also affected by this.

Could you please clarify if the fix is present in current beta? Because if so, the issue still persists

No it’s not, wait for 550 stable.

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What makes you say it will be in the stable version but not the beta?

The 550 beta DOES fix my VRR issue that started this whole thread. Not sure what grown.muller_0m is talking about.

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Not for everybody + I don’t even have VRR monitor and this issue is present. And I’m not the only one in this topic with similar situation.

This forum is flooded at this moment with people posting about this exact problem, And for most of them 550 beta don’t fix anything,

If you don’t have a VRR monitor then your issue is totally unrelated to this one. Please create a new topic or find another one that’s applicable.

Don’t see a point in another topic, like I previously stated there are dozens here about this. + Yes is related, core issue is pointing to one and the same thing, no matter if you have VRR monitor or not. Wayland + Nvidia is enough to trigger this bug. Its kind of random from what I can see on GitHub issue tracker.

No, what you’re experiencing is NOT related. Read the topic again. This is specifically for VRR. If you do not have a VRR monitor, this does not apply to you.

The Wayland + Nvidia issue you’re talking about is out of order frames and that most likely won’t be fully solved until explicit sync lands on the display stack. The VRR issue that I experienced and was solved with 550 beta exists on both X11 and Wayland.

Please do not clutter topics with irrelevant info. This is basic forum etiquette.

Oh… yeah you are right, I did misunderstood some things, sorry then.