5G Connectivity Interface within Drive Ecosystem

Hello all,

Is it possible to create a 5G connectivity interface within the drive ecosystem?

I think there would be some use cases like exporting big amounts of logging data.

How do you guys think in general about 5g connectivity within the drive ecosystem?

Dear orkun.yilmaz,

In addition to sending big amounts of logging data you mentioned, can I know which use cases you are considering for 5G connectivity?

One thing would be v2x communication.

Another point would be streaming current states to the cloud for simulation or fleet management purposes.

But I am not quite sure if these use cases are applicable within the drive ecosystem or are general use cases that are independent from the drive system.

Dear orkun.yilmaz,

And please refer to http://www.hansenreport.com/chrono_detail.cfm?ProductID=377 for this topic. Thanks.

  • 5G Networks Won't Substantially Impact Autos before 2025 Mobile network operators don't seem to be in a hurry to build out 5G networks to support connected vehicles. Carmakers are in no rush to embed 5G modems.

Sharing some perspectives.

  1. People often talk about possible use of 5G for autonomous vehicles (suggest: cloud based operation). However our approach is embedded intelligence (the AD system in the car are self-sufficient with all compute in the car itself – except for possible update of HD maps and live traffic – which may not actually need 5G throughput/latency)
  2. There are V2V use cases (e.g. perception/vision sharing) being envisioned with 5G, to be included in future V2V spec. We are not tracking that specifically yet (vs other priorities)
  3. V2I (vehicle to Network) already have provision for 5G network (the network just happened to be 5G vs 4G LTE)
  4. We are using a comm gateway in our test vehicle (Cradlepoint box for 4G cellular + WiFi). We can leverage 5G (via standard interface) thru upgrade to such boxes when available.