5V power supply does not work

When the power is turned on, the normal voltage of 5V will be generated. After about 4 seconds, the voltage will become 0. After 1 second, the voltage will return to normal 5V. What is the reason?

I can’t answer the question, but you’ll need to mention which 5V test point you are looking at.

Enable signal CARRIER_PWR_ON Controlled 5V output, starts power up 5V Normal output, after 4 seconds, no 5V output

Are you using Jetson TX1 carrier board or your own design carrier board?
If it’s Jetson TX1 carrier board did it work normally in previous days?
Does this 5V mean 5V on carrier board?

Is my own design carrier board, the circuit board in accordance with TX1 to the reference circuit design

So you just press power button to power on the system?
Have you tried recovery mode to download image?

Yes, just press the power switch on
I do not know how to download image at the recovery mode
Can I answer in Chinese?

TX1 module is how to judge the work?

You need get familiar with documents first.

Check Jetson TX1 Developer Kit User Guide about recovery mode.

Check http://docs.nvidia.com/jetpack-l4t/ to find how to download.
Get Uart log to find if system is booting normally.

I use Auto-Power-ON: Discrete Circuit Connections mode, can not find the cause of 5V voltage problems

Auto-Power-ON is a power on event just like press power button.
Still suggest follow Power Up Sequence in JetsonTX1_OEM_Product_DesignGuide to check critical signals like RESET_OUT# and others.
Also check if uart log show system boot correctly, or not.

Through which serial port view log?

Do you have a serial port header on your carrier board? If so, then the kernel command line sets up serial port. Here’s the part of extlinux.conf in R24.2.1 under the development carrier which sets regular console plus serial console to ttyS0:

APPEND fbcon=map:0 console=tty0 <b>console=ttyS0,115200n8</b>

If you do not have a serial UART header of any kind it may be possible to use a USB serial UART (this would be a /dev/ttyUSB0 style naming convention).