6 axis desktop robotic arm + PCA9685 + Nano with isaac.pwm.PwmController

I had run and completed the simulation for:
jupyter notebook apps/samples/manipulation/simple_joint_control.ipynb
using UR10 in Omniveerse Isaac Sim and all went perfect.
I am now trying to make it work in a 6-axis desktop robotic arm. Each axis is controlled by a servo motor, each servo motor will be connected to the PCA9685 servo driver via I2C bus 0 for the Jetson Nano.
I had compiled and deployed on Nano the pwm-pkg for bus 0 with a single server as is and no movement at all for the single servo. I am independently providing V+ to the servo. I did the same compile with a DC brushed motor via ESC and the motor run on full speed and the changes to duty cycle on the pwmdriver.cpp example do not seems to reduce the speed. I need to control both, the brushed DC and the 6 servors from Nano via PCA9685.
All manipulation section on Issac SDK docs seems to be related to simulation and/or concept explanation but not to real examples for robot arms.
how do you add the required PWM management for each servo to the existing pwmdriver.cpp?
how can you simultaneously control 6 servos and one brushed DC motor (with ESC) using the PCA9685 driver? I am using Isaac 2020.1.

There’s one hardware sample with Kinova in the simple_joint_control notebook. The driver codelet for the arm is in packages/kinova_jaco. You’ll need to implement a similar driver for your arm with the 6 servos.
The rest of the manipulation codelets in SDK assumes an abstract interface for the driver (receive joint angle/speed commands and report back joint angle and speed state).