6015TW-INFB 1U and RHEL 5? is the compatible-platforms list just out of date?

We’re planning a Tesla S1070 cluster based around Supermicro 6015TW-INF whitebox systems. I notice that the compatible platforms page lists this with RHEL 4.5, and most everything else with RHEL 5. Is there a known problem with this system and RHEL 5?


Yes, it works.
I have a cluster with the same nodes and Rocks 5 (based on RHEL5) works just fine.

Cool, thanks. We’re using Rocks as well. Do you have a roll for the 2.1 CUDA release?

My suggestion is to stick with CUDA 2.0 for the S1070 and use the 177.70.xx driver.

Why is that?

I should clarify — we can update the roll to 2.1 ourselves, but is there a good reason not to? Thanks.