64b Single-Channel supports?

Hi, Guys.

I’d like to limit LPDDR4 memory channel area.

Regarding to TRM, TegraX1 seems to support 32b Dual-Channel only.

Is there any way to use 64b Single-Channel?


Please have a try…
Set the “dram_x64 : 0” in PAR file in stead of “dram_x64 : 1” then transfer the par to cfg file.
SDRAM[0].EmcCfg3 = 0x00000040;
SDRAM[0].McEmemCfg = 0x00001000;

SDRAM[0].EmcCfg3 = 0x00000000;
SDRAM[0].McEmemCfg = 0x00000400;

Set the “num_ch : 1” in PAR file in stead of “num_ch : 2” then transfer the par to cfg file.

Single channel(32bit):
SDRAM[0].McEmemAdrCfgChannelMask = 0x00000000;
SDRAM[0].McEmemAdrCfgBankMask0 = 0xeb772400;
SDRAM[0].McEmemAdrCfgBankMask1 = 0x249e4800;
SDRAM[0].McEmemAdrCfgBankMask2 = 0x5dbbb000;
SDRAM[0].McEmemCfg = 0x00000800;
SDRAM[0].McEmemArbOutstandingReq = 0x80000040;
SDRAM[0].EmcPmcScratch1 = 0x4301f3ff;
SDRAM[0].PmcIoDpd3Req = 0x4301f3ff;
SDRAM[0].EmcFbioCfg7 = 0x00003bfb;
SDRAM[0].ClearClk2Mc1 = 0x00000001;
SDRAM[0].EmcBctSpare9 = 0x30000000;

Dual channel(64bit):
SDRAM[0].McEmemAdrCfgChannelMask = 0xffff2400;
SDRAM[0].McEmemAdrCfgBankMask0 = 0x6e574400;
SDRAM[0].McEmemAdrCfgBankMask1 = 0x39722800;
SDRAM[0].McEmemAdrCfgBankMask2 = 0x4b9c1000;
SDRAM[0].McEmemCfg = 0x00001000;
SDRAM[0].McEmemArbOutstandingReq = 0x80000080;
SDRAM[0].EmcPmcScratch1 = 0x4f01ffff;
SDRAM[0].PmcIoDpd3Req = 0x4f01ffff;
SDRAM[0].EmcFbioCfg7 = 0x00003bff;
SDRAM[0].ClearClk2Mc1 = 0x00000000;
SDRAM[0].EmcBctSpare9 = 0x00000000;

Thank you edli1983

It would be very helpful information for me.
I have a question.

Do you have any plans to release Memory Characterization Tool for TegraX1?

No, NV has no plan to release the memory characterization tool for Jetson TX1.
Jetson TX1 module has been qualified with the on-board config already.

Ok, I see. Thank you.