64bit Ubuntu 8.04 + Quadro NVS290

I’m a newby.
Installed Ubuntu 8.04 64bit in an C2D box with a Quadro NVS290
Installed the CUDA stuff: driver, toolkit + examples

After a lot of removing and installing packages, the “NVidia X server settings” app in Gnome reports a GeForce7300SE/7200GS. All graphic apps seem ok.

CUDA examples don’t work. They compile ok (now) but don’t recognize the GPU and the majority crashes or fails internal checks in emulation mode.

Any clues?
Will a 64bit Ubuntu 7.10 work properly with CUDA and Quadro?


Definitely, if the Quadro is from the chip series corresponding to the Geforce 8000 series. Check Wikipedia if you’re in doubt - if the Quadro is OK, all the other variables you ask about are OK.

A Quadro NVS290 is not the same as a GeForce 7x00. It sounds like you’re encountering a much more fundamental problem here than just getting CUDA support.

You are completly right. I disassembled the machine just to find that inside there is a GF7200GS and NOT a NVS290. There is something I need to sort out with the vendor…

Thank you guys, for the fast and accurate help.

Hehe, that’s unfortunate but - no disrespect intended - pretty funny. Good luck.