740m not recognized as GPU in latest Linux versions (Ubuntu or Linux Mint)

As you can see here…

my GPU isn’t recognized as a VGA controller… only as a 3D controller, which means I basically can’t do anything with it… installing drivers didn’t help. I’m very upset about this. :’(

Does anyone know who I should contact about this? Does the nvidia development team have an email address or something?

What laptop brand/model is this? Can you run nvidia-smi and post the output?

Also post output of:

modinfo nvidia

Also, see what:



@vacaloca, it’s a usual Optimus config

It’s a Toshiba p50.

nvidia-smi: command not found

ERROR: Module nvidia not found.

nvidia-settings says I appear not to be using the X Driver. Please edit your x configuration file and restart the X server.