7950 GX2 Problems :S

My setup:

ASRock 775Twins-HDTV R2.0 ( Ati 200 X graphic chip)
2X 1024 MB RAM (valueselect) DDR 2
Xilence 480 Watt Power Suply (2 x 12 V+)
E6600 Core 2 Duo
1X 160 GB
1X 250 GB
1X 300 GB

OK i have this card for about some time now.

Everytime after windows loads in the bootscreen I’ll see major artifacts like the graphic card just died. Then after a few sec orso the welcome sign comes and i’m in windows.

And when i play a game (SOF 2) the game freezes (windows freezes) after 30 MIN playing and the sound is spiking like the soundcard just died. The i reboot and evrything is ok again.

My graphic card is pretty cool becouse i have a very good airflow. The temps of my graphic card are 52 idle and 64 load. Also i have tried 3 different drivers, old and new and i keep having the same crap.

This hapens frequently and i don’t know what the problem is.

So please reply if you think you know the solution

Greatings, Masseh