7z files not found for command-line install

Dear friends,

I want to install drive os on host using command-line. But I cant find the compressed files such as drive-<platform_ver>-foundation--.sdk.7z as that is said in docu. Can someone tell me where can I find them?
I have also tried to use the downloaded files from sdkmanager. But there is apparently something missing. e.g. I cant find internal-mb1.tar.gz.aes which needs to be decrypted.

thank you.

Dear dengyue_zhou,
Thank you for bring this to our notice. This section is not applicable to DRIVE SW. We are updating the docs to avoid confusion.

Dear SivaRamaKrishna,

thank you for your reply. So that means sdkmanager is the only way to install something on host or new command-line method will be updated afterwards? Because I dont want to install all the modules. Or can I choose which module to install with sdkmanager?

Dear dengyue_zhou,
SDKM is the way to install DRIVE SW on host.