8 GTX 580 an a single PC for iray station

Hi, i must configure a pc where connect 2 turbobox with 4+4 gtx 580 3gb.
The configuration is the follow list
MOBO ASRock Z87M OC Formula
CPU Xeon E3-1230V3
RAM 32 GB DDR3 Corsair low prof
SSD Samsung 240GB EVO840
CASE Lian Li PC-C32
ALI Corsair VS350
Windowx 7 pro 64 bit
Software 3ds max 2014 SP3
The MOBO has 2 pci express 3.0 16x (8x elettric)
The CPU has 8 thread

The configuration is sufficient to manage 8 gtx?

I am pretty sure that no one has built this configuration before. So what kind of answer are you expecting? ;)

yes, Dionisio75 has a iray station with 8 tesla c2050, but the hardware is old i7 920 + gigabyte ud9…
With this newest mobo and processor i need to manage 8 gtx?
The answer is not easy, i must be sure because i must spend much money… and i don’t want spend money for a non usable configuration…

what exactly is a turbobox? Does that provide external PCI-x connectors?

This is a turbobox
What do you think about this?

You might be interested in an Intel socket 2011 CPU / motherboard. These CPUs (Xeon E5 series) will give you more PCIe lanes (e.g. 2x 16x electric) than a socket 1150 system.

I don’t know how many GPUs the NVIDIA driver supports, or if it is compatible with a turbobox. You can ask NVIDIA or someone who has tried to put 8 GPUs in one system before if you don’t want to try it yourself.

I asked netstor, they told me that their system does not need any special hardware, the only thing is that Dionissios Tsangaropoulos CEO of Delta Tracing told me that nvidia drivers have a limit of 8 gpu.
With a card Fatal1ty X79 Professional paired with a CPU with 8 threads i could handle 2 box to 16x.
Thanks for the information, very useful.