8 Megapixel camera on PX2?

I am trying to get an 8 megapixel custom camera to work on the PX 2
Total camera specs are unknown at the moment (waiting on documentation), but we know it is 8 megapixel and uses YUV422
I am currently using Driveworks 0.6 and am just trying to get this running with ./sample_camera_gmsl_custom

Is there a better sample camera I can use as a board param or a way to create a custom entry into the SIPL for my camera?

I’ve edited the camera.cfg file located in …/local/driveworks-0.6/data/samples/sensors/camera to look as such:

required-framerate = 30
camera-mask = 0000
csiOut = 3210
board = P2382-a01
module-name = ref_max9286_96705_ar0231
resolution = 3840x2160
input-format = yuv422
interface = csi-ab
camera-count = 1
slave = false
i2cDevice = 7
desAddr = 0x40
enableEmbLines = false
enableSimulator = false
initalized = false
crossCSISync = false

Dear @kyle.hoffpauir,
Please note the DRIVE PX2 supporte sensors at Section 1.6.3 in DriveWorks release notes(https://docs.nvidia.com/drive/active/