8400GS replacement recommendation.

I have a GEforce 8400GS that I have used with Linux for years. I would like to replace it with a newer model. i presently Run openSUSE 12.3 with the Nvidia downloaded 319-17 driver. What card would anyone recommend. I don’t need a high performance gaming card since I don’t use it for gaming. Mainly for software testing and then personaluse.

The 8400Gs has performed well but the fan is failing.


If you just need it for desktop use then you can try a GeForce 210. I have one that I got for like $10 after rebate. It’s fanless so there’s no noise.

Go for a passively cooled GigaByte GeForce GT 610 Silent (it’s a bit faster too) or something like that.

Mind that this GeForce part is substantially slower than even an Ivy Bridge HD4000 iGPU.

If you want something from NVIDIA that doesn’t completely suck, buy a GeForce GTX 650 based GPU - it’s three times more expensive, but it’s at least four times faster.

the fan on my 8400GS card died too. i connected a 12 volt fan to the 5 volt contact in an unused hdd connector. when the ambient temp gets too hot i connect it to the 12 volt contact. i will buy a better card someday.