8400m G 128mb acer aspire 5520 Does it suport cuda or not?

Well my graphic card is not listed on that list. But evrywhere else i can find that my graphic car should support CUDA it even has 8 cuda cores instead of usual 16. That you can see here http://www.nvidia.com/object/geforce_8400M.html

And picture of my laptop card.

I cant get CUDA to work on my computer is there any testing aplication? I need it for CoreAVC.

Yep, it should work. Your drivers are up to date, so that’s not the problem either.

I don’t know of any “testing” applications outside of the examples provided with the CUDA development tools though. Are you sure it’s not a problem with CoreAVC?

Dont know ill post the problem on coreavc forum also.

But i would like to test somehow, wheres the problem in coreavc or graphic card. Is there a problem in windows 7 64bit?

Now i downloaded cuda SDK browser 2.2. And it doesnt work, when i run decoder, i get artifacts across screen and i havet restart comp. And cant start D3Ddx10 and DX9 also doesnt work, all other do work.

Double post

Do any of the SDK examples work? For example, try DeviceQueryDrv, MatrixMul, nbody, BandwidthTest, and AlignedTypes. Those all do pretty basic stuff, and it’ll let you know if CUDA’s working properly on your system or not. You can find pre-built binaries in the SDK under the “bin” folder (make sure to run the 64-bit Release version).

Failing that, you’ll maybe want to run a CUDA memory test (“memtest”) – but the only one I know of runs under Linux. Perhaps you can search around and find another one that’ll work for you.

I dont know, other aplications i think they work. It just goest to CmD(DOS) and somethink is calculating at says passed!

Exept decoding test, DX9 test and dx10 test.

Is this maybe hapening cuse i have only 128mb of ram and no recomended 256mb and i have also aero enabled. + I have only 8 cuda cores instead of 16 like every other card?