8600GT -- 32bit PCI

Have you guys heard of the PCI 8600gt Albatron has put out? An 8600gt is no gtx280, but for the algorithms that get “80x vs cpu” it still gives out 10x. I’m wondering if anyone here is using CUDA in production and was thinking that a PCI card could be really useful. Plus, this card is low-profile.

Heard about it, but haven’t found a vendor in Europe yet.

I currently have a 8500GT PCI model from Sparkle, passively cooled.

If you have a lot of data to transfer to the GPU and back, the PCI bus will be a major bottleneck.


There’s no vendors anywhere. But if I get a few wholesale and sell them on ebay, would anyone be interested?

This place has them:


The price for the 8600 is 146 euros.

I’d take two units if it’s at a reasonable price and can be shipped from within the EU. Otherwise customs fee and import tax (19%) would kill me.

What’s a reasonable price? That online store is charging €123 before tax, which is $165. Btw, I am in the US (but I guess I could write on the customs form anything…)

No thanks, I’m not going through the hassle of dealing with customs.

They’re known to google up prices if they have the slightest doubt

about the price written on the customs forms. ;-)

But you can’t find the PCI8600GT sold on Google :D

So what’s the deal with Europe? You guys like don’t pay income tax so they get at you every time you buy something? Or they just want to block imports?

That seems expensive. I bought an 8600GTs for 210 euros one year ago and recently bought a 9800GT from Gainward for 105 euros! What makes the 8600 so expensive?

I would imagine the relative uniqueness and limited market of this particular card drive the price up. There are few PCI (not PCI-Express) DirectX 10 capable cards, and many of the people interested in that sort of thing have already upgraded their computer to one which has a PCI-Express slot.

So I’ve been trying to talk to Albatron about sourcing those cards directly.

Apparently, Albatron doesn’t know what CUDA is?

They don’t know what “accelerated” or “in the US” is either :D Yeah… my customers use Cuba-accelerated software. Communism give code 100x boost! Proletariat of socialist threads for the good of warp unite!