8800 code fails on GTX 260 changes from cc 1.0 to 1.3?


I have some code that’s been running reliably for a long while on an 8800GTX, but intermittently returns “unspecified launch failure” on my new GTX 260. The failure does not always occur at the same place, which indicates to me some sort of race condition or memory management issue.

Although I moved from compute capability 1.0 to 1.3, I thought that it would run everything in order (no asynchronous behavior), since the old code never specifies any streams or any asynchronous memory operations. Are there any calls that could have implicitly become asynchronous? Alternatively, are there other changes that could be causing this error?

Thanks for any hints about where to look!


Do you explicitly check that all your device memory gets allocated OK? That one got me for quite a while.

Yes, I’m checking for errors after every device call–memory allocation, memory transfers, and kernel launches. The first error is generally associated with a kernel launch.

Never mind–I reinstalled the video driver and the problem disappeared .