8800 Ultra installation on a workstation

I bought a GeForce 8800 Ultra. It was intended to use in my Dell Dimension 5100. When I got it, I found out it is too big to fit into the computer case. So I had to install it in a Dell Precision 670 workstation and had to take out the original Quadro FX card. Fortunately Dell workstation was able to work with 8800 Ultra. I had thought a workstation only works with Quadro family of cards.

I have two questions though:

  1. In the computer case, there is only one extra power plug for the 8800 ultra card, which requires two power plugs, and no Y splitter should be used accoding to the guide. What can I do? Right now, I only provide one power plug to the GPU, so the performance is lowered automatically by software.

  2. Will installing a 8800 ultra card in a workstation compromise the performance? Is GeForce only for PC and Quadro only for Workstation?

Thank you,

Only Dell can answer your first question.

With respect to CUDA, there should not be any intentional performance penalty by using the GeForce 8800 in the Dell Precision 670.

I put an 8800 GTX in a Dell Optiplex 4?? (I forget the number). It only had 1 PCI-E power connector too. Though, I did have two free 4-pin HD power connectors that worked with the adapter that came with the 8800 card. Despite that the cables are a little too short (need to be careful when opening the case) everything has been working fine for months.

Workstation = Quadro and Desktop = Geforce is only a matter of marketing. Quadros have more memory and are tested a little more thoroughly, but at their heart, they are the same hardware as the Geforce.

i second that, the difference between a “workstation” and a “Desktop” is a marketing one. Quadro cards do work better with some professional applications which have finely tuned drivers for the specific software with the specific card, less so with Geforce, but they usualy still work well enough. For CUDA it shouldn’t make any difference.