8800gts-g80 w/o compute capacity 1.1 - piracy!

I have 8800gts w/ only compute capac. 1.0 and w/o “purevideo 2”!! it may not physx by require compute 1.1. :( :( :angry: :angry: :angry:
g84 and g92 have compute 1.1 and “purevideo 2” :o I have very critics to nvidia because nvidia is pirated by 8800gts “expensive”!!! :angry: :angry: :angry:

There are two different 8800GTS:

  • G80-based with 384 or 768 MB RAM (CC 1.0)
  • G84-based with 512 MB RAM (CC 1.1)

No piracy, just marketing =)

if g80 still won’t updated (firmware) to cc 1.1 for get physx then I will sell 8800gts640 and buy 8800gt 1gb. ;)

You are assuming G80 can be made Compute capability 1.1 with firmware?

I would suggest you wake up. I also fail to see what this has to do with cuda contests…

The compute capabilities are mainly a hardware implementation thingy. So I don’t think firmware updates will work here. If so noone will buy new graphicscards.

  • G92, not G84…

I installed physx driver 8.07.18 (past tuesday) and worked my gpu!!! :D cc not is required for physx! :P tomorrow nvidia will launch officially new physx and display drovers! ;)