8800M GTX removed from Cuda enabled products?


I have just noticed that 8800M GTX has been removed from the list of the CUDA enabled products. It was definitely there before as I have this list with 8800M GTX in it printed.

This is unfortunate as I have just decided to buy a laptop with 8800M GTX.

Is there a particular reason for this removal?

Well, let me make it a bit more precise… nVidia 8800M GTX IS NOT on the list of the CUDA enabled GPU products:

CUDA-enabled products

but IS listed on the:

NVIDIA CUDA Programming Guide v. 1.1
( see Appendix A).

Which one of them should be beleived?

The programming guide.

The deviceQuery program reports that my 8800M GTX equipped laptop (ForceWare version 167.55) is not CUDA capable. Do I need the 169.21 level drivers for the 8800M GTX to run CUDA code?

Yes, you should try 169.xx drivers.