880m Driver issues

Hi i have an Alienware 17 with an 880m mxm card installed it came stock and had 0 issues with it until the 2019 call of duty came out i got it at Christmas time i wasn’t expecting it to run with max graphics but i expected it to run like the division 2 does still 60fps on 1080p low graphics but i go to start my game and i was greeted with this [nvwgf2umx.dll] error so i found out it was my graphics card no issue seen this before i go online and then i see i cannot update and can only get 425.31 (which is installed) so for 2 weeks i spend time trying to get it running (knowing it had a difficult launch and many people had this issue) anyway i found it was a driver error i stumble across an explanation on how to mod nvidia drivers to run any version on any card so i start doing that and ended up with 441.87 installed on my 880m (unsigned drivers though) and all is great until windows updates my card back down to the lowest version possible breaking my game and making me reinstall shaders again im wondering if you plan to update this card to the new drivers seen as it runs on them and im sick of reinstalling drivers every day i was on live chat and got persistently told that it is not compatible with my card even though i sent pictures of my control panel running 441.87 (sorry if it doesn’t make sense in some places just ask me to rewrite it if necessary my English written skills arent great because of dyslexia)