890FX now out 42 lanes of PCIe 2.0 goodness, updated.

As a follow up to their 6 core processors, AMD has updated the NorthBridge chipset. The new 890FX has come out. It has 42 lanes of PCIe, so you can have 2 slots running at x16, and still have a few left over. This should open up a whole new set of motherboards for anyone looking to put 2 CUDA cards at full PCIe bandwidth in one computer. And there’s even enough PCIe room left to have another card at x4, or hypothetically at x8. I suppose this would be important for the gaming community for people who want to have Dual CrossFire setups with a nVdia card on the side to do PhysX. For my applications, it would allow 2 powerful CUDA cards and a third smaller one for testing and/or graphics.

Also note that this is the same number of PCIe lanes as the 790FX had, but in an updated package with SATA 3.0 (6 GB/s) and USB3.

If anyone has thoughts or comments on the 890FX chipset and motherboards based on it, feel free to post here.


Nothing important has changed between the 790FX and 890FX. From a multi-gpu point of view, the same limitations will apply. A single Tylersberg is still probably a better bet for ultimate dual GPU performance.

Need to run a bandwidth test on it.