8x Tyan GPU machine bricked by BIOS upgrade?


We’ve been successfully running an 8 x Geforce GTX 580 multi GPU setup based on the Tyan FT72 barebone http://www.tyan.com/Barebones_FT72B7015_B7015F72V2R for several years.

We recently wanted to use a few leftover 8Gb memory modules to upgrade the system memory from 24 to 42Gb, but the default BIOS version didn’t detect the new RAM properly, so we downloaded the BIOS version 1.06 from http://www.tyan.com/support_download_bios.aspx?model=B.FT72B7015 and reflashed. This fixed the memory issue, and the machine now properly detect and use all installed memory.

However, the BIOS upgrade completely bricked the machine as far as GPU computing goes. It boots up normally if all NVIDA GPU’s are removed, but as soon as a GPU card is installed in any of the PCIx x16 slots, the machine hangs somewhere early in the BIOS POST sequence, and it never even gets as far as printing any BIOS startup messages.

The most likely reason I can think of is that the BIOS upgrade and subsequent reset of the CMOS settings altered some crucial BIOS setting that make’s it unable to boot up with a GPU present. I’ve been playing around with the most promising options, without any luck.

If anyone has any suggestions as for what BIOS options needs to be tweaked, or any other ideas on how to debug and resolve this, they’d be greatly appreciated.



Hi Lars,
Any progress? Any feedback from Tyan support? I too had some fun after a BIOS upgrade on a dual Xeon system.
I’ll add details to another thread, X9DRG-QF.
best wishes,