9800gtx works + bandwidth results

For those curious whether 9800gtx works in cuda 2.0 beta, just wanted to inform that it did at least work for me under 64-bit linux.

Bandwidth test reported 56022 Mb/s device to device bandwidth.

I suppose you are using official nvidia 174.55 drivers. If you have time try the same test with unofficial 175.70 driver from Guru3D.

I got 5% increased dev->dev performance in speed for my 9800GX2 (10% on host->dev on 790i chipset) . Actually I was forced to try it because official nvidia driver has some problem with pair 9800GX2 and Tesla C870. Separately both cards work well.

The results are indeed with 174.55.

I cannot find 175.70 for linux.

Hello, I’ve installed the Cuda 2 Beta 2 drivers on a Linux x86_64 box with an 8800GTX. How can I test the Bandwidth test ? Do I need to compile all the modules from the SDK ?