980Ti doesn't idle when using 1440p144


Using the latest driver, the card doesn’t idle down to its lowest power state when configuring the X Server to run at 144Hz on a PG279Q, single monitor. Going back to 120Hz fixes the issue. This issue is there for a loooong time (as far as I can tell, it’s always been there on Linux) but I couldn’t find any answer here regarding this issue. Any clues?


Is this behaviour independent of window manager or compositing used? Do you use forcecompositionpipeline?

I use xmonad+picom and I have the issue. I tried with picom killed, and the issue is still there. I just tried with openbox and picom and the issue is present as well. I clearly remember I had this issue on gnome 3 too when I used it.
And no, I don’t use forcecompositionpipeline. Should I?

No, forcecompositionpipeline puts additional load onto the gpu.
All in all, this rather sounds like the “usual” clocking problems of the driver. Higher refresh means more pixels being pushed to the display engine requiring higher memory clocks and the driver overdoes it.

Yeah, I bet so, but it’s not happening on windows, that’s why I’m reporting it here. I wondered for a while if I was missing something, or if there’s an issue in the driver…

You might want to create a nvidia-bug-report.log while having the monitor set to 144Hz and waiting one minute for the clocks to settle. Then mail it with a description of the bug to linux-bugs[at]nvidia.com
Maybe this will yield something though chances are low.