A/B Update & Redundancy with Secure Boot (sign and encrypt)

hello yusufftran,

please download r32.4.3 secureboot packages from Tools category of L4T page.

Downloaded, extracted, re-ran bup creation command, but some directory / file access errors, log attached.

bup.log (107.6 KB)

Hi @JerryChang,

Is this reproduceable at your end?
(missing files / dir errors?), appears to be using paths that don’t exist.

hello yusufftran,

I’m able to run BUP generation successfully. i.e. SUCCESS: bl_only_payload created
could you please based-on r32.4.3 tarballs and also r32.4.3 secureboot package, to verify with --multi-spec options in the command line.

Hi @JerryChang

It’s still all based on r32.4.3, I only extracted the new secureboot package on top. Do I need to download anything else?


ok, blew everything away and started again with fresh unpack of BSP, secureboot, sample rootfs etc, successfully generated BUP package, uploaded to device and successfully applied update, we can close.

Thank you

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hello jerry Chang
Can you tell me what the FAB and --multi-spec parameters do? It is written in the comments of build_l4t_bup.sh that different parameters of FAB can point to different specs
I don’t quite understand the use of these two parameters. Thank you

hello 674493271,

it’s used for offline approach to send board information.
please also refer to l4t_generate_soc_bup.sh for more details.