A bug about nvv4l2h265enc

Under what circumstances might nvv4l2h265 encode out-of-order gop sequences?
Most of the time, the encoder outputs the normal gop sequence.The spacing and order between frames are correct.

But sometimes encoders suddenly output the wrong sequence for tens of seconds, their keyframe spacing is wrong and they can’t decode properly.What might be causing this?

The h265 encoder file,The error started around 1:27s
hevcdata (62.7 MB)

Please share which release you are using. And can you reproduce the issue on Xavier NX developer kit?

My environment:

It is not easy to reproduce. The equipment we deploy at the customer’s site will appear once or twice every two hours, and each time lasts for tens of seconds.

my pipeline:

Might it have mattered that I used an interpolation algorithm on the gpu during scaling?