A bug report or complaint regarding HDR

So HDR has been out for years now and has become main stream. I have never enjoyed HDR on Linux, but now evan so I have a monitor capable of HDR 1000, yet no HDR. On the box you claim to support both of these things and it has now become a nuisance.

The game I have been playing has implemented HDR and night battles to go along with it. Now these night battles are unplayable with out HDR. I sit out every single one. Also I would like to add: I am getting killed by people in shadows because w/o HDR I am unable to see the enemy in the shadow.

ANd it is evan darker than that. Samsung increased the brightness to get a better picture, which is still un-playable.

This leaves Linux players at a constant disadvantage. We pay the same amount for graphics cards as Microsoft players. I’d switch to Microsoft, but I can’t handle the ads and sub par software. Becasue I do use Microsoft. I just don’t like it.

I got the 3090 because:

  1. It is cheaper.
  2. A 6900xt is running about 2300$$ and that is for the cheap one.
  3. Fastest VRAM and plenty of CUDA cores for parrellel processing, which I have had a good exp. with in the past.

Surely the 3090 is the superior GPU for powering my 144hz 2160p HDR 1000 monitor.

It’s a NVIDIA liscensed monitor. It says G sync right on the front panel.