A couple nits

I’m really excited to see Isaac available for the Nano. Over in the Nano forum I’ve posted about my issue trying to get RealSense to work on it, but in the meantime, a couple tiny thoughts:

  • In the Getting Started, the paths to launch the sample apps seem to just be the directories, and to actually launch them you need to specify the app within the directory (I told you it was tiny)

  • When path names are given in docs with a sample username, personally I find it more helpful to be specified as something like instead of “bob.” Obviously it isn’t huge to translate, but when you’re trying to follow along, it is easy to think there might be some oddly name directory, while should be pretty obvious.

In any case, can’t wait to get my Realsense cameras up, running, and doing fun stuff!

Towards the first point: Can you give me an example please? Also note that “bazel run //apps/flatsim” is equivalent to “bazel run //apps/flatsim:flatsim”.

Sure. Keeping in mind that I might well be doing something wrong, when I go to execute the command under Step 5 of Deploying and Running on Jetson on the page https://docs.nvidia.com/isaac/isaac/doc/getting_started.html, I get the error: -bash: ./apps/samples/stereo_dummy: Is a directory

If I add the app name to the end of the command, it launches. Might well be something wrong with my setup, but figured it was worth passing along just in case. – David

Thank you for reporting this. We will fix the documentation.

Documentation regarding flatsim is fixed.