A doubt about attachement of two vehicles with constraints


I’m using PhysX on UE4 to build a truck and trailer vehicle, attached together using constraints. The problem is that, the weight of the trailer doesn’t seem to change the behavior of the truck,despite it being 50ton. The truck pull it without any effort.
Also,when in turns at 50km/h, trailer looks like without friction, sliding like is was in a snowy road.

There is something I could do to get it working properly?


I have a simple test in physx that takes two identical cars and then attaches a trailer to one of them. The car without an attached trailer clearly accelerates faster than the car with the trailer. If I increase the mass of the trailer, it moves more slowly. Obviously, I don’t know if this is obeying the laws of physics exactly because that is hard to judge. I can only say that it behaves roughly as I expect. Can you test if increasing the trailer mass slows down the vehicle pulling it? Also, can you test if the vehicle moves faster without a trailer? This data will be useful in trying to resolve the problem.

If the trailer is slipping then you probably need to increase the tyre friction. I recommend you look at the UE4 documentation to experiment with the friction values.



I’m very sorry for my so late reply.

In fact, Gordon, you were right all the time. I remember that I’ve played with configs of all type while creating that vehicle, and after creating a fresh project, everything worked well. Thank you very much! ^^!