A doubt about mkpkc tool

./mkpkc -i 0x21 -f PKC -k rsa_priv.pem genkey,请问这个命令生成的hash值是公钥哈希还是私钥哈希,是否有私钥被破解的风险

Are you using DPU? looks like this is for NVIDIA Jetson nano secure boot.

But, fyi,

MKPKC encryption algorithm uses several keys, some of which are public keys, while the remaining keys are private. Generalize RSA from one public key and one provite key to multi public key RSA.

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thanks, I’m using NVIDIA Jetson nano secure boot.
rsa_priv.pem is my private key. I’m worried that this command will generate my private key hash, so my private key will be at risk of disclosure.

It should not. This thread is for BlueFiled DPU.

And you can open thread on Jetson forum.

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