A extension for making 3d text inside omniverse create

Currently I work on a project which use omniverse create, I need to generate 3d text, but I don’t want to use other 3d tools, so I made a extension for doing this job. Here is the link of my code, try it when you need.
terryaic/omniverse_text3d (github.com)

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This is great TL!!
I have to use this, I need is rof sure. Where are the installation tutorilas? Are there some general quides for installing these?

I want to have this in machinima too. Is that possible, does it require a new work from you, as a developer of this?

Hi Pekka,
The github link has the readme file, you can take a look.
I believe this should work for machinima too, although I didn’t test it yet. Tell me if it is not.

Terry, I do everything by the book, but I get errors trying to create text.

Please check this video:

What could it be?