A few nvidia-settings bugs and feature requests


I’ve created a GUI overclocking utility(https://github.com/BlueGoliath/GoliathOUFX) for Linux which utilizes nvidia-settings via the command line for reading and setting data. As part of a fun little extra, I added the ability to adjust GPU logo brightness via the GPULogoBrightness attribute in the app however it has stopped working a few driver versions ago. The exact command executed is:

nvidia-settings -a [GPU-0]/GPULogoBrightness=55

or whatever value is set via the user in the GUI. which does nothing to the GPU’s logo brightness. nvidia-settings doesn’t return an error when set either.

Secondly, the attribute OpenGLVersion doesn’t return anything when specifically querying it. The exact command executed is:

nvidia-settings -t -q OpenGLVersion

which returns nothing. However, doing

nvidia-settings -q all

prints the OpenGL version correctly.

Third, querying nvidia-settings in a loop results in oddly high CPU usage. When in-game it doesn’t seem to have any real performance impact(on Ryzen 1800x anyway) however if possible it would be nice if it could be reduced.

and finally, when setting the target fan speed to 0, the GPU fan will only slowdown to 16%, however nvidia-settings states that valid ranges are in 0-100. I’m guessing this is cooler/bios dependent?


  1. nvidia-settings framerate attribute! A visual indicator was added that displayed framerate recently but exposing the data via nvidia-settings would be extremely useful.

  2. Allow same voltage control as in Windows based on performance level for Pascal and newer.

  3. add boolean attributes for if the GPU supports overclocking/overvoltage. It looks like you can get overclocking support from the performance level data however a boolean attribute would be much cleaner and easier to read.

  4. expose nvidia-smi power limit information to nvidia-settings so that they may be accessed by nvidia-settings without root. You don’t need root to increase voltage on a Maxwell or older card, so it’s a bit odd that power limit(the least damaging of the 4 OC settings) is locked behind root and a different command.

  5. allow full control over GPUs fan. Currently on Pascal many GPU vendors disable one fan until the GPU hits 60-62c even on a secondary “slave” bios. A way to disable or control this would be really nice!

I know i’m asking for a lot but a lot of these things would be extremely useful!

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (1.04 MB)